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Parodontax Herbal Fresh is a toothpaste that favorably helps stop bleeding gums from the roots. Thanks to its beneficial active ingredients, it maintains healthy gums and teeth.

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Parodontax Herbal Fresh is a toothpaste that helps to stop bleeding from the root gums. Its beneficial properties keep your gums and teeth healthy.

Preventing bleeding gums is extremely important because it can lead to dental problems and even to loss.

Parodontax Herbal Fresh has great benefits for you, your gums and your teeth:

  • Eliminates the main cause of bleeding gums (x4 times more effective than regular toothpaste)
  • It keeps the healthy gums and strong teeth thanks to fluoride and baking soda
  • Removes accumulated bacterial plaque 
  • Extra freshness and feeling of cleanliness thanks to its combination of eucalyptus, mint and ginger extracts
  • Daily use

I said goodbye to bleeding gums with an extra touch of freshness and a sense of cleanliness!

What PARODONTAX HERBAL FRESH is made of 75 ml

Parodontax Herbal Fresh is and always will be a hit, sales say, and that's thanks to its composition:

  • Sodium bicarbonate, Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Aroma, Xanthan Gum, It is not recommended to use this product for the treatment of any of the following:.

Para el correcto uso y consumo de Parodontax Herbal Fresh:

  • Aplica sobre el cepillo y frota durante 3 minutos.
  • Se recomienda cepillarse los dientes 2 o 3 veces al día. 

¿Para quién está indicado el uso de Parodontax Herbal Fresh?

Parodontax Herbal Fresh está indicado para mayores de 12 años que quieran detener el sangrado de sus encías y fortalecer la dentadura. 

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