how we are bioax

Bioax is all of us, it is not just us, you are also part of the journey. What we do together, is what Bioax will be. 

Bioax Corp SL is created with the illusion of providing the best products for health and personal well-being. In essence, we are a supplier (retailer) of parapharmacy products on a national and international scale, both online and offline.

Our intention? To revolutionise the parapharmacy sector with a new and simple concept, that each client is unique, and we focus on approaching each case on a personalised level, offering the security of being able to find us at all times in our shops or conveniently from the web.

Our fiscal data: 

  • CIF B01637446
  • Registered Office: Travessera de Dalt 18, Bajos 2, 08024, Barcelona 

Our first physical store is located in the same location.


  • Accompany: our main objective is to accompany our customers in discovering the best version of themselves, guided by the advice of our expert team and the choice of the most suitable products.
  • Help: following on from the previous path, we not only want to provide high quality items, but also to provide personalised follow-up for our customers.


The vision and future perspective we have at Bioax is simple, promising and challenging at the same time.

We want to become your trusted advice point to become the largest distributor of parapharmacy products in Europe and, why not, worldwide. 

Always faithful to our innovative concept and aided by the latest dermatological and cosmetic technology.

We know it is difficult, but we will not stop trying. 


  • Transparency: being clear and objective is in our DNA. Everything we say and do is based on certainty, truthfulness and frankness. We firmly believe that this is the way to achieve a lasting relationship of trust with our clients, who are our reason for being.
  • Passion: our enthusiasm for the world of personal wellness is unwavering. Just as we advise, we learn all the time, the path is made and although our starting point is excellent, our team is constantly being trained and updated.

Customer orientation

Today's skin care market offers a wide variety of products, each with different characteristics. Bioax provides an individualised solution, based on the analysis of the dermatological conditions of each individual. 

Professional team

We have a team of professionals in the shop to accompany customers during the process, with the aim of answering any doubts and concerns that customers may have.

Our approach

We give importance to the differences between the skin of our customers, finding the products they need. A product that may work for one person may not have the same result on another. 

Each person's dermatological conditions are constantly changing due to climate, stress and physiological factors, among others. Therefore, it is important to understand which products, which worked in the past, may be ineffective due to changing skin conditions. 

After focusing on individual conditions, we present our customers with a specialised routine; with products that are tailored to their needs. 

What makes us unique

Skin scanner
We have a skin and hair scanner that analyses the tissue and provides certain parameters. Our team of professionals is able to make a personalised diagnosis based on this information.
Recommendation of the right product
Once we have identified the current situation, using artificial intelligence through our own unique system, we recommend the perfect product for our customers.
We want to present Bioax with a "Showroom" concept; where the customer is guided and accompanied throughout the buying process, improving the buyer's experience and adding value to the customer-business relationship.
Self service option
[Available soon] Our customers also have a "self-service" option. Thanks to an automated multilingual system and a flushed delivery system, which allows the customer to buy any product 24 hours a day. (Like a vending machine)
Bioax club
[Available soon] Our clients opt to become members of the Bioax Club to receive special promotions and to have information about the treatments and products they have received in the past. This idea adds value to the services offered and strengthens the relationship between the client and Bioax.
Online & offline
We offer products both online and offline (physical and digital shop). This makes our company more accessible to customers, as they can buy products online and receive personalised support in any of our shops.
Customer satisfaction
As a company focused on customer satisfaction, we provide exceptional customer service; where we treat each customer on a personal level, taking into account the needs and concerns of each customer.

We always count on the best brands

We are always in constant work and movement to try to collaborate with the best brands in the industry. Therefore, we are always in continuous incorporation of products and brands.

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