Every year our skin undergoes small but significant changes, that’s why it is very important to treat it from an early age to avoid sudden changes in its texture and appearance. A good anti-wrinkle mask is the key to effective results if you apply it to your skin care routine. Just by using them once or twice a week you will see how it gives you benefits that will be visible in the long term.

At Bioax we offer different anti-wrinkle masks so you can find the ingredients you need according to your skin type. The use of these masks is easy and they provide many long-term benefits such as hydrating and detoxifying the skin to find its healthiest and most revitalized version.



$17.83 IVA inc.
Xhekpon Mask 10ml 3 tubes with collagen and Aloe vera is a powerful and effective anti-ageing treatment that reduces wrinkles and expression lines. It also moisturises and nourishes the skin of the face providing flexibility and firmness. 

Singuladerm SD Hydra Mask 50ml

$26.70 IVA inc.
Singuladerm SD Hydra Mask is an effective mask that balances and protects the skin microbiome. For all skin types.

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