There are many reasons to use the cleansing masks that we offer at Bioax, these are perfect for deep cleansing the skin and seeking its most radiant state.

Cleansing masks are a perfect addition to your skin care routine. We recommend using them 2 to 3 times a week to have visible and lasting results, always taking into account your skin type and its needs.


Sesderma Beauty Treats Black Pore Mask 25ml

$4.07 IVA inc.
Anti blackhead facial mask. Clears clogged pores. Soothes and balances oily, acne-prone skin. With charcoal powder, tea tree extract, black rice, black soy and black sesame. Provides a clean look.

Singuladerm SD Hydra Mask 50ml

$26.70 IVA inc.
Singuladerm SD Hydra Mask is an effective mask that balances and protects the skin microbiome. For all skin types.

Martiderm Pure Mask 75ml

$13.80 IVA inc.
Martiderm Pure Mask is an ideal mask for oily and acneic skin, which helps to cleanse, moisturize and is firming. It improves the epidermis leaving the skin soft and radiant. Cleans pores and regulates the production of oil and sebum.

Uriage Hyséac Mascarilla Purificante Peel-Off 50ml

$13.48 IVA inc.
Mascarilla purificante efecto segunda piel para pieles mixtas. Combina ingredientes activos purificantes en una textura peeling ultra innovadora. Purifica, refina los poros y matifica.

Soria Natural Arcilla Verde 250 g

$3.61 IVA inc.
Este producto contiene arcilla verde y spirulina máxima. Está indicado externo con distintas aplicaciones y propiedades  (cataplasmas corporales, baños para suavizar la piel, mascarilla facial...)

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