Anti-hair loss ampoules have a powerful revitalizing action on hair growth. They stimulate hair growth and slow down hair loss.


Martiderm Anti-Hair Loss Ampoules 14 units

$32.51 IVA inc.
Martiderm Anti-Hair Loss Ampoules are ampoules that help prevent hair loss, while strengthening it from the root, and provide hair growth factors. It slows down hair loss, stimulates growth, redensifies hair and strengthens it.

Pilexil Anti-Hair Loss Ampoules 15 units

$34.93 IVA inc.
Pilexil Anti-Hair Loss Ampoules acts on the factors involved in hair loss and thus helps to slow it down. Contains Serenoa Serrulata, Zinc, Tocopheryl Nicotinate and Vitamins.
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