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Sesderma Hidraderm Hyal Leche Corporal 400ml

Sesderma | 161516.9
This body milk is designed for sensitive skin that seeks to hydrate its face and thus prevent the appearance of premature aging.
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Hydration for sensitive skin with Sesderma Hydraderm Hyal Body milk 400 ml This body milk is designed for sensitive skin seeking to hydrate their face and thus prevent premature aging. Sesderma Hydraderm Hyal Body Milk 400ml gives your skin hydration and youth. There are many reasons why the skin may become dehydrated and cause irritation, redness, both in and out of the person. External factors that can cause this include some aesthetic treatments such as peeling or laser, and some dermatological treatments such as corticosteroids and retinoids. To rehydrate your skin gently but effectively, especially for sensitive skin, Sesderma has developed this body milk as part of its Hydraderm Hyal range.

Aplica el producto sobre tu piel seca y limpia, por la mañana y por la noche, poniendo especial atención en las zonas que presenten irritaciones o sequedad severa. Realiza un masaje suave de movimientos circulares hasta que se complete la absorción.

Este artículo está indicado para personas con piel sensible que quieran evitar deshidratación de la piel asociada a agentes externos o endógenos.

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