Martiderm Arnika SPF30 Gel Cream 50ml

Martiderm Arnika SPF30 Gel Cream 50ml

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Martiderm Arnika SPF30 Gel Cream is a facial and body repairer especially indicated for the prevention and treatment of postoperative epidermal alterations. 

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Martiderm Arnika SPF30 Gel Cream

MartiDerm laboratories present you with the renewed formula of their star product. Martiderm Arnika SPF30 Gel Cream 50ml is a "classic" repairing treatment of these laboratories, well known for its effectiveness in skin care. Its formula contains Hemomelan KX Complex, a patented complex that calms couperose and rosacea and has a whitening effect on blemishes, and Epidermal Growth Factor, a healing element that eliminates post-operative marks.

What are all the benefits of Martiderm Arnika SPF30 Gel Cream?

  • Repairing treatment for bruises and scars, very effective against blemishes.
  • Excellent soothing of itching and irritations.
  • Lightens spots caused by laser treatments and post-scar pigmentation.
  • Improves the appearance, elasticity and color of bruises.
  • Arnica montana and panthenol provide anti-inflammatory, repairing and moisturizing action.
  • Martiderm Arnika SPF30 Gel Cream 50ml also contains plant active ingredients such as Boswellia serrata, horse chestnut and bilberry, which soothe itching episodes and offer antioxidant qualities.

New repairing formula with SPF30. Ideal for face and body skin.

Composition of Martiderm Arnika SPF30 Cream Gel

Martiderm Arnika SPF30 gel cream is composed of:

  • Hemomelan KX complex (1% Vitamin K Oxide + 3% Tranexamic Acid): acts on the accumulation of hemosiderin and melanin which helps the resorption of purpura and improves the resorption of hemosiderin. Pro-coagulant effect that reduces puffiness, lightens the color of dark circles and restores skin elasticity. Reduces periorbital pigmentation.
  • Horse chestnut and bilberry: vasoprotectors, improve microcirculation.
  • Arnica montana: natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Boswellia serrata: attenuates irritations, soothing action.
  • Hamamelis: hemostatic and astringent effect.
  • Bromelain: venous vasoconstrictor.
  • Dexpanthenol: actively participates in the nutrition and repair of the dermis.
  • UVA and UVB sunscreen SPF 30: protects against sun damage.

For the correct use and application of Martiderm Arnika SPF30 Gel Cream:

Apply Martiderm Arnika SPF30 Gel Cream 50ml as often as necessary. Compatible with any anti-aging treatment.

Who is Martiderm Arnika SPF30 Gel Cream indicated for?

Martiderm Arnika SPF30 Gel Cream is indicated for people with any skin type who wish to repair the skin of the face and body, especially after surgery.

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